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Real Estate Law Blogs

  • Accessibility Defense
  • Biersdorf & Associates
  • Acerbic WITT
  • Bankruptcy-RealEstate-Insights
  • 4closurefraud.org

Blogs are one of the key features on the internet today, with regard to reaching out to members of a specific community and interacting on a sustainable level. They are an invaluable tool for professionals across a huge range of industries, including a large number of legal specialties. Property and real estate law professionals have shown themselves to be  a particularly verbose group of individuals , with many dedicated blogs focusing specifically on these closely associated legal specialties. Because blogs are often heavily connected to professional journals and associations, this adds a networking element that might otherwise not be so prevalent, further increasing the value of following a relevant blog.

Here are five of the most popular real estate law blogs available today:

Accessibility Defense

The Federal Housing Administration’s accessibility policies can be confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for the unfamiliar.  Accessibility Defense  provides information and support for individuals with disabilities who have reason to feel like they aren’t being treated fairly under the law. This includes individuals who may have been targeted by scams, or other efforts meant to deprive them of their benefits.

Biersdorf & Associates

A growing issue across America is that of eminent domain law, which many people feel does not get the attention or the educational efforts that it requires. Biersdorf & Associates maintains  a blog about condemnation and eminent domain  law, which can provide a wide range of useful information, as well as providing networking opportunities with some of the country’s top eminent domain attorneys.

Acerbic WITT

This aptly-named legal blog deals with  construction and appellate law , two areas of legal expertise which are closely associated with real estate and property law. Among frequently addressed topics in this national-level legal blog are the pursuit of construction permits, and how to appeal permit rejections. Ample information is provided to ensure that vital permissions don’t go overlooked, a frequent occurrence that often stops new construction projects in their tracks for months, years, or even indefinitely.


This blog, located at Bankruptcy-RealEstate-Insights.com, is one of the leading bankruptcy law blogs in the United States. It is dedicated to  providing interdisciplinary support  to lawyers who specialize in real estate and property law, explaining some of the commonly neglected and lesser-known nuances of bankruptcy law in a language they will be able to comprehend.


4closurefraud.org is more than just a blog. It’s  a growing network of professional networking and social media feeds  (blog included, of course), which is dedicated to providing information and support relating to the alarming trend of foreclosure fraud that’s sweeping America today. A wrongful foreclosure is more than simple theft: often, it takes everything that a person has. Adding to the tragedy is the fact that this scheme frequently focuses on the particularly weak and vulnerable: the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled.

Real estate law is an extremely varied discipline. Not only does it have its own widely-practiced internal specializations, but it requires intimate familiarity with a range of other legal specializations, across a number of different fields. By keeping track of some of the top blogs in the country concerning real estate and property law, a legal professional expands their existing networking contacts to encompass people within these disciplines, and turns the finding of solutions to common legal challenges into a much simpler and more straightforward process.

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