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An online bachelor’s in construction management will enable you to properly oversee the planning, design and construction of a project from beginning to end. As a construction manager you’ll have a main office, but most of your time on the job will be spent on-site making daily decisions and adjustments to the construction.

Job prospects for degree holders vary according to each project’s length, scale and budgetary matters. The Bureau of Labor statistics has projected a growth rate of 11 percent from 2016 to 2026. The field will more than welcome those who have the right credentials for the job.

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Figuring out where to apply? These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today.

  1. Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, IN


    $ $ $ $ $

    If you are more interested in the managerial side of things of the industry, this might be the right program for you - it's designed to have a management-oriented focus. The diversified curriculum will also prepare students to understand the relationship between the impact of construction and society and as the environment. At ISU flexibility is taken seriously, enroll as a full-time student or navigate your way through the curriculum with part-time studies.

    • Graduation rate: 33%
    • School status: Public
    • Tuition cost: $$$$
    • Number of programs offered: 100+ majors, 90 areas of study
    • Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
    • Admission requirements: 2.5 GPA for in-state students, 2.0 GPA for out of state students, must reside in the US or Canada
    • Standardized test scores/requirements : Not required
    • Contact: (812) 237-2345 or online here
    • Website
  2. Everglades University

    Boca Raton, FL


    $ $ $ $ $

    Need a program that prepares you to sit for the LEED Green Associates exam? Then EU might just have the right program for you. Their course is designed to provide instruction in construction industry-specific occupational and technical subjects, as well as management skills that will prepare you for a productive career in the industry. In its diverse curriculum, you'll be learning about Soil Mechanics for Construction, and Construction Ethics.

    • Graduation rate: 53%
    • School status: Private
    • Tuition cost: $$$$
    • Number of programs offered: 12 bachelor’s degree programs
    • Location: Boca Raton, Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, and Tampa, Florida
    • Admission requirements: High school diploma, GED, or equivalent 
    • Standardized test scores/requirements: Minimum of 1200 SAT or 17 ACT
    • Contact: (855) 723-9087
    • Website
  3. Rowan University

    Glassboro, NJ


    $ $ $ $ $

    At Rowan University you will finish your baccalaureate with a capstone course. You'll be encouraged to build on the skills and knowledge acquired on the major and integrate the theory and knowledge with practical experience in the construction industry. So, if you're worried you'll not be ready to enter the workforce immediately RU is the choice for you. With its integrative curriculum, you'll see classes such as Construction Safety and Loss Prevention, and Project Building Systems.

    • Graduation rate: 68%
    • School status: Public
    • Tuition cost: $$$$$
    • Number of programs offered: 74 bachelor’s degree programs
    • Location: Glassboro, New Jersey
    • Admission requirements: An associate’s degree with a 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • Standardized test scores/requirements: Not required
    • Contact: (856) 256-4000
    • Website
  4. National American University-Richardson

    Richardson, TX


    $ $ $ $ $

    With its affordable online program, National American University-Richardson's BS in Construction Management is tailored to deliver a diverse curriculum.If you're interested in saving the environment, this program offers classes that will cover technology and the newest green building trends, allowing students to explore their area of interest on this particular spectrum of the field. Some classes featured on the program include Construction Materials and Methods and Construction Estimating.

    • Graduation rate: N/A
    • School status: Private
    • Tuition cost: $$$
    • Number of programs offered: 17 bachelor’s degree programs
    • Location: Richardson, Texas
    • Admission requirements: A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
    • Standardized test scores/requirements: Not required
    • Contact: (800) 209-0182
    • Website
  5. National University

    La Jolla, CA


    $ $ $ $ $

    Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Construction management from National University means learning well-rounded construction fundamentals through 120 semester hours. Students will learn skills that range from written and verbal communication, business to construction fundamentals, and social, behavioral, and natural sciences. After a robust and diverse curriculum students will have the opportunity of working on a senior project to test their skills before heading into the construction industry. This degree is best suited for students who see themselves in administrative and ownership positions in the construction industry.

    • Graduation rate: 37%
    • School status: Private
    • Tuition cost: $$$
    • Number of programs offered: 75+ bachelor’s degree programs
    • Location: La Jolla, California
    • Admission requirements: ACCUPLACER score, high school diploma OR GED OR Associate's degree, 2.0 GPA
    • Standardized test scores/requirements: Not required
    • Contact: (855) 355-6288
    • Website

  • Methodology: Here's How We Rank ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频

    At Best Value ig电子竞技(新疆)结果视频, we help students of all ages get the best possible value for their education. When choosing the best schools and programs, we prioritize tuition rates, student debt, financial aid opportunities, graduation rates, and the availability of online programs.
    We source unbiased data from government and educational databases like the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 6,374 schools across the U.S. We organize that data into five weighted categories to compile our school rankings.

    Metric Data Used Percentage
    Academic Quality Full-time faculty percentage, student-to-faculty ratio, student retention and graduation rates 25%
    Affordability Tuition rates, median student debt, and financial aid 35%
    Reputation Admission and enrollment rates 15%
    Program Offerings Number of program options 10%
    Online Enrollment Score Portion of learners taking at least one online course 15%

    You can read more about our comprehensive evaluation process on our methodology page.

Have Questions About a Bachelor's in Construction Management? We Have Answers

  • Where will you work with a bachelor’s degree in construction management?

    While most construction managers have offices to work from at least part of the time, the majority of their days will be spent at various job sites. The job site possibilities for construction managers are almost endless and include residential buildings, commercial or office buildings, civil or highway construction sites, or other specialty structures like monument sites.

  • What are the day-to-day duties of a construction manager?

    The primary duty of a construction manager is to ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, and by the standards set for the job. This means a construction manager will typically spend their days interpreting or explaining building plans and blueprints to those involved in the build, inspecting the project to ensure it complies with safety codes, reviewing each stage of the build to make sure its sound, creating budgets, scheduling workers, and regularly meeting with the project owner in order to ensure everyone is happy with the finished product. This means construction managers need skills like organization, delegation, communication, risk management, and planning.

  • What are the advantages of working in the field of construction management?

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth rate for construction managers is expected to be about 8% over the next decade, which is well above average. Construction managers also earned, on average, about $97,180 per year in 2020. Plus, construction managers are offered a good deal of autonomy, job flexibility, and may have the ability to travel for work if they desire.

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